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Educators and Youth Leaders can now Lift Children with an Comprehensive, Hands-on STREAM Program developed by STEM Industry Professionals in General, Gifted, Underserved, and Special Education; for Schools and Youth Non-Profits

"The industry-developed approach will finally 'move the needle' with its inspiring hands-on tools, career connections, and industrial topics not found in schools today." - National STEM Leader

"STEMgeo's true engineering training aligns with how industry develops software and systems. Teachers will enjoy the professionally-developed programs." - U. S. Department of Defense, Top Engineer/STEM Leader

"This is the only true STEM Program for Special Education." - State Superintendent of Special Education

"Your STREAM approach with integrated Reading, Language Arts, and Fine Arts along with your industry experts will raise the scores of all our schools to that of our highest performers." - Superintendent, School Superintendent

"We need practical examples in my classroom. I need to make math more interesting. Your approach allows our elementary and middle school teachers to raise interest and performance." - Math Teacher, Department Head

Formula for Success: Take A Whirlwind Tour

1. Teacher Education Workshop

"The What and Why of STEM"

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2. STREAM Engineering Course

Inspire for Scores and Careers

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3. Practical Robotics Challenges/Competitions

Problem-Solving Approach

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4. Global Teacher Collabortion Network


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Upcoming: 3D Virtual Reality!

NEW! "Virtual Hands-On" Tools for Additional STREAM Courses

Practical Industrial Processes and Equipment

Dream big: Future National Programs and Opportunities

Our Work: Lifting ALL Children

Hands-On Program Built from Research and Longitudinal Studies

Additional STEM Services for School Districts

STEM Program Design, Certification, and Training

SOL materials, In-Class Expertise

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The STEMgeo Program Package Today...and Tomorrow

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Two-day Teacher Education and Labs

Teacher education from industry: for every educator and leader in an organization.

Teacher Education provided as a Two-Day Workshop

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The course package includes hands-on tools and a full teacher guide with step-by-step in-class instructions

Both simple and technical tools, games, and much more

Discovery approach, not just engagement

Easy engineering SYSTEMS development process

Easy engineering SOFTWARE development process

The STEM of "Music, Sound, and Light" SOLs with "Industry Development Process"

Each student receives a set of tools

Interesting teacher demonstrations equipment

An engineering department is simulated

Abstract concepts are made practical

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Students can build robots participate in competitions

A complete teacher kit is provided for parts and storage

Each student receives a robotics kit to solve challenge

With greater challenges, more programming is required